Equine Acupuncture Referrals

Equine Acupuncture Referrals

Horse and Hound

December 2006

For those familiar with the first edition of The Veterinary Care of the Horse, this update, 14 years after the first edition will be very welcome.

It is that rare thing - an in-depth and concise veterinary manual that makes interesting reading and visually engaging, too.

This is a comprehensive reference source for single horse owners, students and yard managers alike. It will be valuable on any bookshelf providing help with first aid and an understanding to make communication with your vet a very two-way exchange. For the more knowledgeable, who might, perhaps, want to be able to hold on a bit and help with more obscure conditions, it will also be a useful tool.

What makes it so unique? Written by Sue Devereux, BA BVSc MRCVS and edited by H&H�s consultant vet, Karen Coumbe - two �big names� in the veterinary world - it�s written extremely clearly and designed in an instantly accessible way with lots of helpful diagrams, charts and graphs that will refer to again and again.

My only criticism is that we may not be able to wait another 14 years for the next edition.