Equine Acupuncture Referrals

Equine Acupuncture Referrals

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At �45.00 this might seem to be a costly outlay but it merely represents the work that has gone into preparation, the information contained in the book and the fact that in reality this really is a stand-alone reference manual, which - if chosen - would quite probably be the only one you need!

In its second edition, Veterinary Care of the Horse has been updated, enlarged and revised- it�s just about the most comprehensive work I�ve read which includes all the �big� subjects like lameness, wounds of all types, respiratory and digestive problems, systems of the horse, eyes, breeding.

But the parts I really enjoyed were the sections dealing with associated parts of veterinary care and knowledge that the owners need to be aware of. So often they are the little pieces of advice that we forget as we walk out of the surgery or as soon as the vet leaves the yard. By this I mean details of all the modern diagnostics such as scintigraphy, ultrasound and thermography or how to reapply dressings, take a urine sample, the ins and outs of insurance, administrating medicines, what the hundreds of medical names and terms mean as well as more general information on transportation, sedation, what the implications are of anaesthesia, passports, drug use in the competition horse and so on.

What more can I say? THE complete veterinary manual.

Wendy Parsons BHSAI